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How Does My Membership Work ?

On Hey! WhatUp’ find a person to accompany you to any activity or interest just by entering a search from your region city or travel destination as you would an Online Google Search.

Hey! WhatUp’ is the Pop Cultural Democracy Loving Friend Finder Platform to locate friends, singles, dates, and activity partners.

How Does Your Profile Work

Start by typing a keyword into the search bar to find a person to accompany you in any activity or interest just as you would an Online Google Search you may also search users by city or location just as you would on Facebook.

Whoever arrives at your search results you already share the same mutual interest according to the profile questions you have selected on signup or when editing your profile and preferences.

The more information you enter on your profile the greater your options will be, so get creative.

Once your mutual interest is found send a friend request and once your request is accepted let the other person know your plans about an event, activity, or interest.

You may also leave a comment on a previous post someone has already posted on their timeline that reflects your mutual interests for what you both share in common.

Upload profile headshots or photos of you participating in your interest and hobbies and grab items selected from all of your social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and others.

On Hey! WhatUp not only do you look for friends and activity partners but create your own video channel to showcase your favorite youtube videos that you enjoy.

Strictly reflect on your timeline your interest and hobbies to other like-minded members located in the searches you both have put forward on HeyWhatUp.

Find others in your nearby location or abroad just by your membership and search results and select your friends.

When on a laptop visit Hey! WhatsUp and enter onto the Hey, WhatsUp! TV Video Site and simply upload your favorite Youtube videos.

Hey, WhatsUp TV Works just like YouTube but for activity partners, relationships, and dating strictly focused on you, your interests, and your hobbies.

Upload videos to invite someone or get invited.

You may upload your favorite travel videos, interest, or hobbies videos, and other exciting videos to invite someone or get invited while creating your own Video Channel in the process.

This is a considerable way to catch someone’s attention so we highly recommend you upload a YouTube video on subjects related to your search interests.

To do so go to the (Add A Video) button located on the top far left of your profile page on the Control Panel from your laptop.

Your Hey! Whatup’ profile timeline works just like Facebook but strictly based on your interests, hobbies and dating.

When you are uploading your videos to Hey, WhatsUp TV from your laptop remember to Hashtag your keywords just as you would on youtube but you are now seeking companions to actually meet them in person.

So keep in mind that the video that you upload represents the interest you have to invite or get invited for an outing, event or date.

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Your Photo Uploads

Photos of you participating in your interest are a huge plus to consider. Explicit videos and images will officially ban you from the site permanently but fun and humorous videos are always welcoming.

Hey! WhatUp is the Only friend-finder activity platform for finding friends, relationships, business networks, business partners, and a friend for every occasion that shares the same mutual interest that you do and all on one timeline.

Just by either a search into the search bar or a video search locally or globally.

When on Hey! WhatUp keep in mind to press the like button letting others know what you both share in common and keep a fun and exciting profile wall!

What other things you can do on Hey! WhatUp

• You can send messages

 Send your friends invites directly from their profile dashboard

• Video Chat

• Upload Photos

• Answer and reply to questions on your personal timeline

• Upload YouTube videos that reflect your interest and hobbies to invite someone to join you.

 Upload videos that reflect your interests to locate someone in your area to match your interest or all of them.

• Create your own video channel

• Recieve like comments and subscribers

Upgrade Offers :

 Place Local Advertisements With A Small Business Account

 Place Global Advertisements With A Exclusive Brand Member Account

 Go Premium With A Premium Unlimited Account

 Become A YouTube Influencer

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