Video Uploads Tips

A considerable way to catch someone’s attention is to upload a YouTube video of a subject related to your search interests.

To do so upload a video from your laptop, go to the blue (Add A Video) button located on the top far left of your profile page.

• Remember that photos of you participating in your interest are a huge plus to consider.

• Once you have uploaded your video you shall receive the video on your profile for all of your friends to see and visit your Video Channel. You are entitled to Upload as many videos as you want, every video upload creates your Hey, WhatsUp video channel for all to visit.

All site-wide members will be able to both locate and search for your video just as they would if on youtube, keep in mind this is an interest and hobby platform for friends singles, dating and business networking who are serious about friendships, relationships, business networking and most of all getting together.

Explicit videos and images will officially ban you from the site permanently.