What Is Hey! WhatUp’

Who Are We,

A Friend Finder Activity Partner Platform In Every Sense Of The Word.

Find a person to accompany you in any activity or interest.
Just by entering a search from your city, region or travel destination just as you would on an Online Google Search or even searching friends on Facebook.

We are the only friend-finder social media platform for finding activity partners, friends, relationships, business networks, business partners and a friend for every occasion that shares the same mutual interest that you do.

We Find Your Partners

We locate new friends and partners, based on any and everything you would like to do and find who will join you.

Whether at home or any city or location you visit. Get invited or invite someone to any activity you choose such as a drink, lunch, dinner, a sports activity, a night out for jazz, a museum or theatrical event, a concert, billiards, biking, bowling, video games, a culinary activity, ex-pat meetup or a new found mutual companion once abroad,
you name it.

Basic Membership

Hey, WhatUp!, basic membership is free and enables you to search for friends of all and any activity or interest you can think of, comment like and upload videos to your profile wall and allow others to send messages, video chat and send descriptive invites directly from their profile dashboard.

If you are familiar with Facebook and others there is no example. If you are on Hey! WhatUp’ your desire is to meet up and locate new friends and partners based on any and everything you would like to do, and find who will join you at home or abroad. For our VIP members, we offer criminal background checks upon request.

The Hey! WhatUp’ – Profile Pages

On your profile page and your friend’s profiles pages, you may comment, posts and like what matters to you so be specific about your search.

Whoever arrives in your search results you both already share the same mutual interest according to the profile questions you have selected when editing your profile.

• Be specific when editing your profile, the more information you enter the greater your options will be, so get creative.

New Friends And Partners

You may follow, comment and respond to all others that have accepted your friend request and send invites before you are friends.

Remember to upload your interest and hobbies photos and just as important your interest and hobbies videos, upload videos related to your mutual interest. Hey, WhatsUp! opens up a world for new acquaintances and friendships for a day or a lifetime!

A considerable way to catch someone’s attention is to upload a YouTube video of a subject related to your search interests.
To do so upload a Video from your laptop. Go to the (Add A Video) button located on the top far left of your profile page on the Control Panel.

• Remember that photos of you participating in your interest are a huge plus to consider. Explicit videos and images will officially ban you from the site permanently.

Create a fun and exciting wall

Say Hey, WhatUp What’s Happening and let’s Meet Up.

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