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Information important to you!

Enter a search by entering your keyword into the search bar.

Enter a search from your profile page when on your desktop and your profile page search bar button is located at the very top of your profile view page when on your mobile.

Utilize your search bars to locate members to accompany you in any activity or interest just as you would a google search, you may also search members by city or location just as you would on Facebook!

Whoever arrives in your search results you both already share the same mutual interest according to the profile questions you have selected when editing your profile.

{To Locate Small Businesses in your are use the Non-Affiliated button along with any preferred keyword.}

Be specific when editing your profile, the more information you enter the greater your options will be, so get creative.

Once your mutual interest is found send a friend request, once your request is accepted let the other person know your plans about an event, activity, or interest, or leave a comment on a previous post they have already published to their feed. A comment referring to your mutual interest is always a winner.

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