Friends and Networking

With a Friends and Networking account.

You can business network with members from all over the world and target clients and friends by using keywords associated with your business or talent and once accepted you may introduce yourself.

You can either search for or offer employment, promote your business, and offer nearby services that everyday people search for in all walks of life. At the same time get deeper into the discussion and also receive honest qualified trust as friends.

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Once your friend has been located send a friend request, and once accepted the users will have immediate access to enter your website as well as access to subscribe to your Youtube channel and any other social media sites assigned to your profile.

Users may also invite and get invited to any activity as well as video chat on the subject related to your topics or employment to negotiate and make decisions.

With every video upload, you will receive a subscribe button for users to click and subscribe to your youtube channel, this also includes any other platforms you have assigned in your profile edit.


Whatever your topic, all users will have the ability to locate the video simply by typing the keyword related to the video into the search bar.

Note: select keywords related to your business when editing your profile.

2 Search bars are located on every profile.

Hyper Targeting

Whether you choose Art or Politics users will enter into the search bar keywords related to your channel that you have already decided to select when editing your profile page or video tags on video pages.

Keep in mind to be very precise when editing your profile page for example, whether you choose Art or Politics .. users will enter the search bar keywords related to your channel.

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The Hey! WhatsUp’ Team