Get invited for a drink, lunch, dinner, a sports activity, karaoke, biking, hiking, video games, travel companions, foodie or expat meetups, even locate roommates, you name it.

Simply type the keyword into the search bar and locate your companion of mutual interest.

Once your mutual interest is found send a friend request, get acquainted, and invite them. Upload photos and your favorite YouTube videos that reflect your activities, hobbies, and interests abs search for them directly from your newsfeed comment bar.


Hey! WhatUp’ is the friend-finder activity search engine for locating friends, roommates, new activity partners, relationships, and business networking.

You can business network with members from all over the world and target clients by using your search bar keywords associated with your business or talent once accepted introduce yourself.

Use your search bars to locate and employ nearby services and businesses every day people search for in all walks of life, and in the process meet new friends.


If you are familiar with Facebook navigation and others there’s no example.

Hey! WhatUp’ is to locate new friends based on any and everything you would like to do and find who will join you at home or on travel.


Hey! WhatUp’ is a video-sharing platform where you can comment, like, and share your favorite reaction videos and search for YouTube videos directly from your profile

We support activity partners, friends, vloggers, and influencers. You may also search YouTube videos from local users and subscribe to their YouTube channels.

Upload YouTube reaction videos and react to them with friends. Videos that reflect your activities, hobbies, and interests while searching for them.

Find a friend for every occasion.

Send messages, video chat, follow, comment, and invite.

So be specific when editing your profile keywords.

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